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Ulmus Hollandica Wredei Golden Elm

Ulmus Hollandica Wredei or Upright Golden Elm, a disease resistant elm with a narrow upright habit and beautiful golden-yellow infused foliage
Ulmus Hollandica Wredei or Upright Golden Elm has beautiful golden-yellow infused foliage
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Ulmus Hollandica Wredei or Upright Golden Elm 
Ulmus Hollandica is a naturally occurring Elm hybrid throughout Western Europe. It has many forms and is abundant throughout Germany, Holland, Belgium and East Anglia. The hybrid Ulmus Hollandica Wredei has many names. Botanically it is synonymous with Ulmus Hollandica Dampieri Aurea and also Ulmus Hollandica Wredei Aurea. Commonly it is known as Upright Golden Elm or Dutch Elm Dampieri Aurea.

This deciduous tree is a sport of Ulmus Hollandica Dampieri. It originated in Wrede, Germany in 1877, and has been awarded the RHS Award of Garden Merit. Growing into a tall, narrow column of dense foliage with upright branches, the Upright Golden Elm eventually changes to a more rounded but still narrow shape when mature. While the spring flowers and resulting fruits are insignificant, this cultivar is distinguished by its striking leaves, broadly ovate and double-toothed, coloured a brilliant yellow-green in spring and summer before changing to a rich gold in autumn. 

Height and Spread of Ulmus Hollandica Wredei
Ulmus Hollandica Wredei will grow 15 cm a year to a height of 3 metres and spread of 1.5 metres in 20 years, reaching a mature height of 10 metres and spread of 5 metres in 50 years. 

How Hardy Is Ulmus Hollandica Wredei
Ulmus Hollandica Wredei is fully hardy across the UK and northern Europe. 

How to Use Ulmus Hollandica Wredei
Equally suited to formal or informal settings, the narrow shape of Ulmus Hollandica Wredei makes it an ideal tree for smaller gardens. Planted as a specimen tree, the elegant form and striking foliage will make it a perfect focal point in a small or medium-sized lawn. Ulmus Hollandica Wredei Aurea also makes an excellent street-side tree. In a larger landscape, one or more specimens planted against a backdrop of dark evergreens will create a brilliant colour contrast.

How to Care for Ulmus Hollandica Wredei
Plant Ulmus Hollandica Wredei in full sun or partial shade in an exposed or sheltered position in any moist but well-drained soil. It will also tolerate wet soil and short periods of flooding. The best yellow leaf colour will be obtained in a sunny site. Moderately tolerant of aerosol salt, Ulmus Hollandica Wredei Aurea can be used in sheltered coastal spots. It is extremely tolerant of urban pollution and will thrive in even inner-city locations. It has a good resistance to Dutch Elm Disease. Pruning in early spring will ensure a dense crown with healthy foliage. 

Ulmus Hollandica Wredei is an ideal landscape tree: tall and narrow with brilliant gold foliage, it will be a stand-out in your garden, whether large or small!

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