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Gunnera Manicata

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Gunnera Plants for sale online, UK Gunnera Manicata plants to buy online UK Gunnera Manicata plants to buy online UK
Gunnera Manicata, Foliage Plants, Buy Online
Gunnera Manicata Foliage Plants buy online
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Height Excluding Pot:
30cm (0ft 11)

Plant shape: cut back
Pot size: 3 Litres
Diameter: 60-70 cm
Plant ID: 496 37
Was £35.00
35% Off - Now £22.75

We remember one of the most fantastic views we had of plants was the vast field of Gunnera Manicata at one of the large Cornish Garden Estates.  Gunnera Manicata has enormous foliage and works well in very moist conditions even in the pond!  If you want to create a massive display of large leaves this is the plant... 

Gunnera Manicata is not always a hardy plant and should be lifted to protect from severe winters and kept dry. Or wrap the old leaves which die in the winter over the crown.

More images of Gunnera Manicata on our blog. 

Please Note;

Gunneras delivered throughout the winter will arrive at your garden with no leaves. Do not worry they are perfectly alive. They are just sleeping through winter. All the new leaves will reappear from Late spring onwards.

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Gunnera Plants for sale, UK
Gunnera Manicata
Gunnera for sale UK delivery