Acid-loving azaleas are a popular choice in our UK gardens when a good-looking but not-overly large shrub is called for. With attractive small, thick foliage all year round and fantastic floral colour to greet the early or late spring, depending on the variety, azaleas have a lot to offer. If you happen to have a Japanese themed garden, then Azaleas are a must.

Azaleas for sale online - plant now for spring delights!

Azaleas for sale online – plant now for spring delights!

Slow growing Azaleas are noted for thriving in containers. In the ground, they are spectacular once established, but the soil must be kept moist in the growing period. Azaleas will grow in partial or full sun.

You can still plant your Azaleas throughout November. In fact November is an ideal time before the ground hardens from winter frost. Once planted, you can look forward to a wonderful burst of colour in the spring.

If you have acidic soil then planting is straight forward. If your soil is more limey, then simply dig the whole a bit bigger than normal and fill with an ericaceous soil (specially prepared for acid lobbing plants). Once settled, feed your Azalea regularly with an ericaceous fertiliser. If you are not sure what type of soil you have, you can buy a simple inexpensive soil testing kit and follow the instructions.

Which Azalea to choose?
Let’s take a short look at 5 popular varieties we have in stock:

Azaleas for sale online - Azalea Japonica Aladdin Scout

Azaleas for sale online – Azalea Japonica Aladdin Scout (over 1 Metre tall)


Azalea Japonica Aladdin Scout – flowers in late spring through to mid-summer (May to June) and has a haze of beautiful bright red to deep orange blooms.  Our mature azaleas for sale online are available in sizes of 80 cm and 1.25 Metres tall.

Japanese Azalea Hino Crimson – has profuse crimson red flowers from spring through to early summer (April to May). Hino Crimson is a showy, eye-catching azalea with the added interest of foliage turning a coppery red in late winter.

Azaleas for sale online - Japanese Azalea Hino Crimson

Azaleas for sale online – Japanese Azalea Hino Crimson


Azalea Japonica Hot Shot – has bushy variegated foliage (greenish-grey with a cream edge), beautifully offsetting the fiery red flowers which it produces from April to May.

Azalea Hot Shot buy online

Azalea Hot Shot buy online


Azalea Japonica Silver Queen – has variegated foliage (silver & green) and pink flowers from around May.

Azalea Japonica Silver Queen variegated foliage (silver & green) and pink flowers from May

Azalea Japonica Silver Queen variegated foliage (silver & green) and pink flowers from May


Azalea Laura Morland – produces lovely pale pink flowers from April right through until June.

Our Laura Morland Azaleas are circa 50 cm tall (excluding pot), pictured here in full Spring glory. We also have smaller plants at circa 30 cm tall.

Azaleas for sale online - Azalea Laura Morland

Azaleas for sale online – Azalea Laura Morland


All our Azaleas for sale online with UK wide delivery or in our North London garden centre.

Azaleas have been prized by European gardeners since they arrived on our shores hundreds of years ago. These showy flowering shrubs are native to the Far East, Middle East and The Americas and they are part of the genus Rhododendron.

In fact when you examine the flowers closely, Azaleas are almost like miniature Rhododendrons and their flowers display a similar colour palette. It is the case that if you have a smaller garden, Azaleas are the perfect choice to give that fabulous burst of colour in early Spring, the flowering lasts for several weeks and Azaleas are so accommodating – thriving when under-planted beneath trees, in a mixed border or in containers. These really are showstoppers for their vibrancy of colour too.

Deciduous Azaleas & Evergreen Azaleas
Azaleas are pretty much divided into two groups – Deciduous Azaleas and Evergreen Azaleas and their growth height and rate are affected by which group the shrub belongs to. Typically the Evergreen Azaleas are slower growing and reach circa 80cm after 10 years whereas the Deciduous Azaleas tend to grow a little faster and taller reaching around 150cm in the same time period. Either type are perfect for smaller gardens whereas perhaps a Rhododendron might be too large.

Most Azalea varieties flower in the Spring and last through May in the UK climate – they can provide a beautiful display when planted in swathes in a mixed border or on the edge of a woodland area.

Paramount Plants’ collection of Azaleas has recently grown exponentially. Azaleas have always been popular flowering shrubs with our customers and are a first choice when looking for plants as gifts. We have sourced some of the most unusual and mature specimens ALL of which are quality plants, providing our customers with the ease of buying online and the opportunity of creating an instant impact with the planting of these beautiful varieties – from the subtlest pastels to the most vibrant purples and magentas and the sunniest orange and yellows…the full spectrum is represented in our new collection of Azaleas –  Azaleas and Rhododendrons to Buy Online, UK

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