Rhododendron Trees in flower in a woodland garden

Rhododendron Trees in flower in spring in a woodland-style garden

Happily populating the UK landscape, Rhododendrons can be seen everywhere. Spot them planted in large Rhododendron beds in country houses showing off a wide display of colours; or lining both sides of an avenue or driveway. And of course, Large Rhododendrons are a vital feature in the ever popular woodland garden.

With around 950 species, the Rhododendron belongs to a very large family indeed. Choosing the right Rhododendron for your garden or landscape can sometimes be a little daunting. Add to this the fact that most rhododendrons grown in gardens these days are hybrids, of which there are no less than 25,000 named Rhododendron hybrids!! Their winter hardiness varies from one hybrid to the next. One also has to consider the immense range of colour, size and growing habit among the Hybrid rhododendrons.

Mature Rhododendron Trees in a woodland garden setting

Mature Rhododendron shrubs in an English woodland garden setting

Which Rhododendron? – helping you choose:

On the new rhododendron section of our website, you will find we have narrowed it down to 25 varieties  – giving our customers lots of choice without the confusion of choosing from thousands of species and there is no need to worry about hardiness. Much thought has gone into our selection process. We have very carefully picked Rhododendron varieties that are best suited to our UK climate. In addition, we have selected a wide range of growing habits – from semi-dwarf hybrids that will grow well in containers to large, upright varieties more suited to woodland gardens. We can offer a range of floral colours, all with showy blooms. Our aim is to have the right Rhododendron to suit your purpose!

Many of the rhododendrons we have selected have received the Award of Garden Merit (AGM) from the RHS, an excellent indicator that a variety will thrive in UK conditions. Examples of AGM recipients include the pink flowering Rhododendron Albert Schweitzer, Rhododendron Dopey and Rhododendron Scintillation.

For smaller spaces and perhaps urban gardens and containers, we have the semi-dwarf or slow growing hybrids such as Rhododendron Rocket.

For a mid-sized Rhododendron (grows to a max of 2.5 metres), try for example Rhododendron Markeeta’s Prize with large red flowers.

If you are looking for large Rhododendron, red flowering, vigorous Rhododendron Halfdan Lem can grow to 5 metres over its lifetime.

For a particularly exposed aspect with little shelter, Rhododendron Roseum Elegans is particularly hardy. 

Rhododendron in flower – close up

Rhododendron bush in flower – close up

Rhododendrons looking spectacular planted in a mixed border setting

Rhododendrons looking spectacular planted in a mixed border setting

Yakushimanum Hybrids
And so  we come to  the Yak Hybrids (Yakushimanum) as they have come to be known among Rhodo enthusiasts. These very successful hybrids were developed in the 1930’s from the Rhododendron Yakushimanum. The Yakushimanum hybrids tend to be winter hardy, compactly–shaped and low-growing Rhododendrons with big showy flowers in a massive variety of shades. At Paramount Plants, our Yakushimanum hybrids collection includes for example Rhododendron Surrey HeathRhododendron Golden Torch and Rhododendron Nancy Evans.

There’s lots more to choose from on the Rhododendron section of our website. Any questions or queries, drop us a line  and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can:  www.paramountplants.co.uk

Male Peacock enjoys the shade under a flowering Rhododendron tree in Holland Park

Male Peacock enjoys a brief respite from looking for a mate in the shade of a flowering Rhododendron tree in Holland Park, London