Buxus Sempervirens, or, as it is more commonly known, the box or boxwood shrub, has been used for topiary plants ever since the art of sculpting evergreens was established in ancient Rome. Box topiary is still one of the most sought-after types of hedging and topiary forms we have for sale.


Box topiary globes are a versatile evergreen addition to the garden.

Buxus topiary globes fit in perfectly with every garden design, from formal to country style gardens.


As this evergreen shrub boasts dense and lush green foliage that responds remarkably well to clipping and trimming, Buxus is particularly suited for topiary art and hedging purposes. Our box topiary specimens are available in various shapes and sizes, from attractive Buxus topiary cones and globes, to low-growing hedges.

Landscaping with Box Topiary


Due to the structural and architectural interest box topiary plants add to a garden, they are often the first choice of gardeners that prefer more formal landscape designs. The geometric shapes and clean lines of Buxus topiary are perfect for any setting, but it is our low hedges for parterres that are quite popular for formal gardens. For a decent parterre design, plant the 30 cm high box plants around 12- 18 inches apart and they will form a good sized hedge or parterre in circa 3-5 years.


Buxus is a favourite choice for formal gardens.

Box topiary is often used to create fantastic parterre garden designs.


Of course, as one of the more versatile evergreen shrubs, Buxus topiary plants also work well in a more naturalistic setting. The verdant green foliage offers a dash of colour and texture throughout the seasons, and it pairs beautifully with plants that boast informal growth habit or vivid autumn colour. For instance, Buxus topiary spheres, globes, or balls are a perfect addition to a mixed shrub border, where their sophisticated shape and texture will contrast specimens such as dogwood Cornus Sanguinea Midwinter Fire or smoke bush Cotinus Grace.


Box topiary hedging is bound to add visual interest to the garden.

Whether contrasted by colourful cultivars or not, box hedges will always look spectacular.


In addition to adding structure and texture to gardens, box topiary can be grown in containers and used to create a magnificent entrance to your home. Potted Buxus topiary placed on either side of your front door is an ideal low-maintenance solution for entryway plants that are bound to impress any visitor. Buxus cones or Buxus Square Cubes are ideally suited for this purpose.


Your entryway can be significantly enhanced with box topiary in containers.

Potted box topiary, such as these Buxus cubes, are a perfect choice for a front door plant.

How To Care for Box Topiary


When it comes to box topiary maintenance, you will not have to put in much effort to ensure your evergreen sculptures stay in top shape. Clipping and trimming Buxus topiary plants is not complicated: these shrubs have an exceptional tolerance to pruning. Whether you have an evergreen hedge or use box topiary to add visual interest to the landscape, trimming these shrubs two to three times a year will be more than enough to keep them in check.


Buxus hedging does not require much effort to stay in shape.

Buxus is a low-maintenance shrub: even intricate landscape designs are easy to keep tidy and neat.


As for the conditions in which box topiary plants thrive, you will be happy to learn that these shrubs are not overly demanding. Buxus will thrive in partial shade and full sun, and in most well-drained soils. However, the lush evergreen foliage of box topiary is prone to scorching, so be sure to choose a location away from strong sun and winds, as they will dry them out.

Recommended Products for Box Shrub Care: TopBuxus


Professional growers use TopBuxus products to maintain healthy growth and as a preventative for box blight and now we’re pleased to be able to offer these innovative products to our customers. We recommend if you grow box plants, that you use these products on a regular basis.


Using TopBuxus products is recommended if yo have box topiary or hedge.

TopBuxus products will keep your box topiary plants healthy and happy.


TopBuxus Grow is designed as a specialist fertiliser for Buxus Sempervirens, TopBuxus Carpet is a specially designed mulch which keeps fungal infection away and helps your quality plants stay healthy, TopBuxus Health Mix is a curative product to rid any evidence of box blight that has occurred in your garden.

Buxus Topiary Alternatives


While box topiary is a great choice for most gardeners, it is not always the case. While box blight is no longer as severe an issue in the United Kingdom as it once was, in areas that were affected by the outbreaks of this plant diseases, evergreen shrubs other than the box would be a better option.


Boxwood spheres are versatile and attractive, which is why they remain so popular.

Buxus remains one of the most popular evergreen shrubs in the UK- box topiary globes are particularly sought-after.


We recommend planting Ilex Crenata or Japanese Holly instead – the leaves are very very similar to Buxus but these cultivars are not affected by blight. Our Ilex Crenata globes are on special offer, and we also stock Ilex Crenata spirals. Make sure to view our entire range of topiary for a carefully curated selection of shaped evergreens.


All of our box topiary plants, as well as other cultivars in our impressive evergreen shrub collection, can be seen in person at Paramount Plants & Gardens centre in London, or ordered online- we offer nationwide delivery. In case you need any additional information about our plants or delivery, feel free to drop us an email.