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Due to the ongoing problems with Box Blight – Paramount Plants no longer stocks Box plants aka Buxus Sempervirens.

We recommend planting Ilex Crenata or Japanese Holly instead – the leaves are very, very similar to Buxus but do not suffer from pest issues. Our Ilex Crenata globes are on special offer, we also stock Ilex Crenata spirals. View our entire range of Topiary.
Often grown as topiary in a formal garden design they also work well in a more naturalistic setting. As evergreens the dense green of buxus sempervirens are lush all year round – be sure not to let them dry out otherwise the leaves can become scorched.

For a decent parterre design, plant the 30cm high box plants around 12- 18 inches apart and they will form a good sized hedge or parterre in circa 3-5 years.

Buxus Globes Topiary, buy online UK garden centre
Buxus Globes Topiary

Low maintenance – they are very easy to clip and shape – view our blog on how to create a formal garden.

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