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Camellia Japonica Erebo

Camellia Japonica Erebo, Flowering evergreen shrubs to buy online UK
Camellia Japonica Erebo - red flowering evergreen shrub
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Camellia Japonica Erebo
Camellia Japonica Erebo is an evergreen flowering shrub first cultivated in Florence in 1876 and it is best known for its beautiful red flowers that appear from early to late spring. The combination of dark green foliage and eye-catching crimson flowers make this lovely camellia stand out in the garden, particularly when contrasted with white camellias. A slow-growing camellia shrub that is easy to grow and maintain, Camellia Erebo offers interest without requiring much in return.

If you are curious about caring for camellias in general, be sure to read more about Growing Camellias on our blog. And if you are looking for hardy camellias for your garden, here at Paramount Plants and Gardens we have a wide selection of evergreen flowering camellias available to buy online.

Height and Spread of Camellia Japonica Erebo
Very slow-growing, Camellia Erebo will reach its maximum height and spread of up to 8 metres in a period of 20 to 50 years.

How Hardy is Camellia Japonica Erebo
Camellia Erebo is fully hardy in the United Kingdom even in areas with more severe winter conditions.

How To Use Camellia Japonica Erebo
Owing to its elegant appearance, this camellia variety can be used to grow a luxurious flowering hedge - the year-round lush foliage adorned with scarlet blossoms will leave no one indifferent. Alternatively, you can grow Camellia Erebo on its own as a statement plant, or plant in a large container to add interest to patios, rooftop gardens, and terraces.

How To Care For Camellia Japonica Erebo
Camellias prefer acidic soil so either grow Erebo in a spacious pot or plant using ericaceous compost and feed regularly with ericaceous feed to ensure the pH is right. Choose a spot in partial shade for best results.

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