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Camellia Japonica Nuccios Jewel

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Paramount Plants - Camellia specialist nursery in London selling Camellias online.
Camellia Japonica Nuccios Jewel, pink flowering Camellia for sale online, UK nationwide delivery.
Camellia Japonica Nuccios Jewel Flowering
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Height Excluding Pot:
1-1.25m (3ft 3-4ft 1)

Pot size: 15 Litres
Plant ID: 2047 34
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Camellia Japonica Nuccios Jewel

This image displays plant 1-1.25 m tall.

Height Excluding Pot:
3ft 3-4ft 1

Pot size: 15 Litres

Was £95.00
35% Off - Now £61.75
Was £95.00
35% Off - Now £61.75
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Height Excluding Pot:
50cm (1ft 7)

Pot size: 4.5 Litres
Plant ID: 7690 34
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Height Excluding Pot:
80cm (2ft 7)

Pot size: 10 Litres
Plant ID: 7691 34
Was £100.00
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35% Off - Now £175.50
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This plant may take up to 21 days for delivery
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Camellia Japonica Nuccio’s Jewel is an evergreen shrub with an upright growth habit and has dense deep green foliage. It is has beautiful large peony-type pinky-white flowers which are rather dramatic and will add a lot of interest to the garden all year round. The double-flowers can be 10 cm in diameter.

This variety of Camellia is a highly versatile plant and can be used as an ornamental hedge if you have acid soil in your garden or as architectural plant. As these plants grow well in containers (make sure to use ericaceous soil), they look fantastic on balconies, patios and roof terraces. 

Camellia Japonica Nuccio’s Jewel should be planted in acidic and moist, free draining soil with a semi shade or shady aspect. Given these conditions, Nuccio’s Jewel will thrive and will most likely become one of the best looking plants in the garden.   

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