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Hedera Helix Hibernica Ivy Hedging Screens

Hedera Helix Hibernica Ivy Hedging Screens
Ivy Hedging Screens
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AGM plants have been through a rigorous trial and assessment programme by the RHS and are deemed:
                 Excellent for ordinary use in appropriate conditions/Available to buy/Of good constitution/Essentially stable in form & colour/Reasonably resistant to pests & diseases

Hedera Helix Hibernica Ivy Hedging Screens 
Treat yourself to a living privacy hedging screen made of evergreen, dense ivy. A natural and handsome climber, these ivy screens come with a built-in lightweight steel frame, making them an excellent choice for a discreet privacy wall of green. 

Our evergreen screening ivy hedges have been trained over time on narrow steel frames to provide an instant wall of green, perfect for offering privacy, particularly in smaller spaces such as on balconies or roof terraces. Privacy is assured from the ground up. Because the steel frames are narrow, these ivy hedging screens take up little lateral space.  

Hedera Helix Hibernica is commonly known as the Irish Ivy, as it’s native to Ireland. It is generally acknowledged as a very useful evergreen climbing plant. It holds the AGM (RHS Award of Garden Merit) since 1993. It tends to produce larger leaves than its closely related Hedera Helix Common Ivy. A further distinguishing feature of Irish Ivy is its hairs (trichomes) are brown in colour and grow flat rather than upright. The evergreen foliage is dark green and glossy. The large leaves usually have 5 lobes and the leaves measure from 7.5 to 15 cm in size. New foliage is a lighter green, providing an attractive contrast to the more mature leaves. Irish Ivy produces insignificant green flowers in early autumn sometimes followed by black berries. 

Height And Spread of Hedera Helix Hibernica 
Left to its own devices, Irish Ivy will grow up to 8 metres tall, often more. However, because these screens are trained over frames, it’s easy to keep them clipped to the size you need, with a trim once or twice per year. Ivy responds very well to clipping.

How Hardy Is Hedera Helix Hibernica
These Irish Ivy hedging screens are very hardy in most places in the UK down to minus 10 degrees. This is a low maintenance plant. 

How To Use Hedera Helix Hibernica
A low-maintenance living green screen beats a fence or a wall any day. In addition to privacy screening, use these living green walls to create garden rooms or separate the vegetable patch from the flower garden. The wildlife will thank you - the flowers, although insignificant to look at, attract the late autumn pollinators and its low maintenance aspect also adds to its appeal. 

How To Care For Hedera Helix Hibernica
Irish Ivy is a low maintenance climber. In terms of aspect, it is not fussy and is one of the few plants that will grow in full sun, full shade or dappled shade. In terms of soil preference, fertile, humus-rich alkaline soil is best. That said, it will also grow in acidic soils. Water well until established. 

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