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Lonicera Nitida Panmin Honeysuckle

Excellent for Low Hedging

Lonicera Nitida Panmin Honeysuckle
Lonicera Nitida Panmin
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Lonicera Nitida Panmin is a small evergreen shrub that’s excellent for low hedging and makes a good alternative to box.

Lonicera Nitida is native to China’s West Sichuan and Yunnan provinces growing at altitudes of up to 3000 metres. The cultivar Panmin is bred for garden cultivation and is commonly known as Honeysuckle Panmin. 

It’s a compact, rounded shrub with tiny bushy evergreen leaves that are glossy and round in shape. In spring, small tubular creamy white flowers emerge with a faint sweet scent that attracts pollinators. If pollinated the flowers mature into tiny purple berries.

This is a good shrub for topiary as it responds well to clipping and holds its shape. Clip twice yearly for neat and tidy shapes, or once a year for more relaxed hedging. Be aware that flowers and berries tend not to grow on regularly clipped specimens.

A good alternative to box, Honeysuckle Panmin is a tough and attractive low-growing hedging shrub that suits all size gardens.

Height And Spread of Lonicera Nitida Panmin
Honeysuckle Panmin will reach a height of 1 metre by 1 metre but can be kept shorter with a twice-yearly trim.

How Hardy Is Lonicera Nitida Panmin
This is a hardy shrub that’s mountainous origins mean it can survive minus temperatures and some drought. It is rarely bothered by pests.

How To Use Lonicera Nitida Panmin
Usually used as a hedging shrub Honeysuckle Panmin forms a tight, dense low-growing hedge that will reach its full height over a few years. It responds to topiary work and is forgiving of mistakes.
A good ground cover and nesting shrub in wildlife-friendly gardens, you can leave Honeysuckle Panmin to its own devices and it will grow into a shaggy ruffled shrub that provides nectar, berries and safe cover.

How To Care for Lonicera Nitida Panmin
Honeysuckle Panmin will grow in the majority of well-drained soils and is not particular about soil type or pH. It prefers full sun to part shade and will turn a lighter shade of green if it receives plenty of sunshine.

If creating a hedge, trim it twice a year once after flowering and again at the start of autumn.

Mulch the roots in spring to cut weed competition and trap moisture, and water well until established.

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