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Salvia Jamensis Melen Sage

Yellow Flowering Sage Variety

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Salvia Jamensis Melen is a semi evergreen low-growing sage variety with aromatic foliage and pale yellow flowers in summer. It suits sunny borders and plant pots & containers.

Saliva Jamensis is a cross between salvia microphylla and Salvia greggii which are native to Texas, Arizona and Mexico. Both perennial species are found at high elevations in dry conditions. The Melen cultivar was bred by Boskoop in the Netherlands. More commonly known as Sage Melen, this shrub has small ovate foliage with the distinctive salvia scent. In warmer areas of the UK Sage Melen will retain its foliage, but in colder areas is deciduous. In late spring through to autumn pale yellow flowers bloom on stiff stems. The flowers are highly attractive to pollinators and last all summer.

Height And Spread of Salvia Jamensis Melen
Sage Melen is bushy, upright and rounded. It will reach a maximum height of a metre and spread 50 cms

How Hardy Is Salvia Jamensis Melen
Salvia is UK hardy if grown in well-drained soil. It’s drought tolerant once established and rarely attracts pests. Its aromatic foliage deters pests from neighbouring plants.

How To Use Salvia Jamensis Melen
A great sunny border filler that suits hot dry Mediterranean style gardens, coastal locations, gravel gardens, and courtyard sun traps. Its pollinator friendly pretty flowers attract bees to cottage style spaces and its low maintenance aspects make it a good choice for busy gardeners. Sage Melen performs in well-watered and fed containers on sunny patios and balcony gardens too. The foliage is edible and can be used in place of culinary sage.

How To Care For Salvia Jamensis Melen
Well-drained soil is a must for any salvia. Melen performs best in well-drained soils including sandy or chalky soils thanks to its mountainous origins. Choose a sunny spot that’s sheltered from cold drying winds for the best flowers throughout summer and into autumn.

No pruning is required but regular deadheading encourages new flowers. You can prune leggy or too large stems out in spring before the new growth appears. Remove damaged or unruly branches and prune remaining branches back lightly. Water well until established and apply a thick layer of mulch in early spring.  


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