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Elaeagnus Commutata Zempin Silver Berry

Elaeagnus Commutata Zempin Silver Berry is a mid-size deciduous shrub with intensely silver leaves, fragrant yellow flowers in spring followed by red fruit.
Elaeagnus Commutata Zempin Silver Berry with silver leaves & yellow flowers in spring
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Height Excluding Pot: 1.5-2m (4ft 11-6ft 6)

Pot size: 25 Litres

Plant ID: 4767 64

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Elaeagnus Commutata Zempin, to give it its full botanical name, is a medium-sized deciduous shrub prized for its intensely silver foliage. Easy to grow and to care for, this lovely cultivar commonly known as Silver Berry Zempin can be used as a windbreak, or as an addition to mixed shrub borders where its showy foliage adds multiple seasons of interest.

This upright, thicket-forming deciduous shrub is best known for its foliage, which keeps its vibrant silvery, almost metallic, colour throughout the seasons until it drops in late autumn. The oblong leaves borne on reddish-brown stems are what makes this highly-decorative shrub similar to an Olive tree, but the striking grey foliage is not the only thing this cultivar offers. In late spring, pendant, pale yellow blossoms appear all over the shrub. Although not the showiest, the flowers have a strong, pleasant scent. The fragrant flowers are replaced by masses of tiny red berries during the active seasons.

Height and Spread of Elaeagnus Commutata Zempin
In a period of 10 years, this medium-sized Silver Berry is expected to achieve circa 4 metres in height and a spread of up to 3 metres.

How Hardy Is Elaeagnus Commutata Zempin
Discovered in Zempin on Germany’s Baltic coast, this highly-decorative cultivar is very adaptable and fares well in various conditions. Silver Berry Zempin is fully hardy in the United Kingdom and particularly suited for coastal regions, as it is not bothered by harsh winds.

How To Use Elaeagnus Commutata Zempin
With its bushy, erect habit and dense silver foliage, Silver Berry Zempin adds texture to any landscape. Use this deciduous shrub as a specimen plant, or grown near a patio where it can serve as a windbreak and spread aromatic scent throughout the garden’s sitting area. In mixed shrub borders, this medium-sized cultivar pairs well with more colourful varieties that contrast its silvery grey foliage beautifully, such as Cornus Alba Sibirica, Imperata Red Baron, or Berberis Thunbergii Atropurpurea Red Chief. Ideally suited for woodland and cottage gardens.

How To Care For Elaeagnus Commutata Zempin
Undemanding, Silver Berry Zempin will thrive in any fertile, well-drained soil in full sun, as long as it is not shallow or chalky. Can tolerate partial shade to some extent. When it comes to maintenance, this attractive shrub requires very little care. To keep it healthy, just remove any dead or damaged growth from the bush.

Highly decorative and versatile, Silver Berry Zempin will fit in in any garden but looks best in informal ones, such as cottage gardens. This cultivar is equally stunning when grown on its own or alongside showier varieties.

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