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Halimodendron Halodendron Salt Tree

Halimodendron Halodendron is commonly known as Salt Tree or Russian Salt Tree, pretty pink flowers, an ideal windbreak for coastal locations, buy UK
Halimodendron Halodendron, Salt Tree or Russian Salt Tree
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Halimodendron Halodendron, or the Common Salt Tree, is a useful landscaping deciduous shrub, especially in dry spots where other specimens might not thrive. Halimodendron Halodendron is native to central and eastern Asia, ranging through the salt steppes of south-east Russia, earning it the name Russian Salt Tree. The common salt tree is related to Caragana or the Pea tree. Here in the UK, this built-in high tolerance for salt makes it the perfect choice for coastal locations, where it also serves as an excellent windbreak. In late spring, the grey-blue foliage is complemented by showy scented pale pink and purple flowers similar to pea flowers. These are sometimes followed by a black fruit. In autumn the rounded leaves turn yellow.

Hardy in most locations in the UK, even in severe winters, Halimodendron Halodendron will grow to a mature height and spread of 2 metres, and will live for more than 40 years. If desired, prune in late winter.

The Common Salt Tree must be planted in full sun, in sandy or loamy alkaline to neutral soil that is very well-drained. It will not tolerate wet feet in winter! It will do well in a windy location, which along with its high tolerance for salt makes it an ideal choice for a windbreak on a coastal property. As well, its ability to thrive in the presence of air pollution means that it is well-suited to city gardens as well. Its thorns protect it against grazing by deer, so it is a good hedging shrub for a country location.

The mass of scented blooms in late spring and early summer make Halimodendron Halodendron a desirable shrub for planting as a specimen where it can be appreciated during its flowering period, but it is most commonly used as a windbreak hedge, especially near the seacoast, where the salt air and sandy soil is less than ideal for other plants. The Common Salt Tree, however, thrives under these conditions! Away from the coast, the thorny Halimodendron Halodendron makes an excellent barrier hedge, and also provides privacy screening. In a sunny, dry spot, this drought-tolerant shrub will be a low-maintenance reliable bloomer.

Halimodendron Halodendron is the natural choice for a hardy windbreak in a coastal garden, but will also be of use to city or country gardeners looking for a tough shrub which requires little care and will reward them with a show of scented blooms each spring!

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