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Michelia Yunnanensis Summer Snowflake

Magnolia Laevifolia Summer Snowflake, in summer flower buds burst into beautiful white-scented flowers that measure 5 cm in length.
Magnolia Laevifolia Summer Snowflake - flower buds burst into beautiful white-scented flowers that measure 5 cm in length
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Magnolia Laevifolia Summer Snowflake is an evergreen variety of magnolia with many names. It was first known as Michelia Yunnanensis Summer Snowflake, before being re-classified as Magnolia Dianica, and finally as Magnolia Laevifolia Summer Snowflake. It is often still referred to as Michelia Yunnanensis Summer Snowflake. Whatever its name, this glorious evergreen magnolia is a true beauty which will enhance any garden.

Originating from the Yunnan Region of China, the Magnolia Laevifolia Summer Snowflake holds glossy green foliage all year round. Its leaves are leathery, shiny and lighter beneath. 
Flower buds emerge a coppery russet red but burst into beautiful white-scented flowers that measure 5 cm in length. The stunning blooms appear in abundance during May and June in bright white with a pale green centre - which is why it is called the Summer Snowflake.  Often a second flush of the snowflakes appear in early autumn.

Height and Spread of Michelia Yunnanensis Summer Snowflake
The compact and sturdy Magnolia Laevifolia Summer Snowflake can be grown as a small tree or a multi-stemmed shrub. It will grow to a maximum of two metres in height and a metre in spread without any pruning. 

How Hardy Is Michelia Yunnanensis Summer Snowflake
This is a tough and hardy magnolia down to minus 10, but its flowers and foliage may struggle in central or northerly UK locations, particularly if it’s exposed to drying or freezing winds. 

How To Use Michelia Yunnanensis Summer Snowflake
Magnolia Laevifolia Summer Snowflake makes a beautiful specimen tree in the lawn or as a multi stemmed shrub in a mixed border display.  You can also grow this as a container shrub and make the most of the green winter foliage on a bare patio or doorstep. A container grown specimen can also be moved to the patio doors or near an open window in summer to allow the delicious scent to drift inside. 

How To Care For Michelia Yunnanensis Summer Snowflake
Michelia Summer Snowflake needs full sun to partial shade if you want the best flowers.  It prefers fertile, well-drained soils that are acid to neutral in pH, however it will grow in more alkaline gardens if you dig plenty of mulch into the planting hole and top it up each year. There is no need to prune this beauty unless you want to restrict its growth or remove broken branches. Prune magnolia over-winter after the flowers have finished but before the new buds have appeared.

Magnolia are beautiful plants and this variety is no exception. Summer Snowflake’s flowers are slightly larger than the average magnolia and it has the advantage of repeat flowering in autumn. 

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