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Viburnum Tinus Lisarose

Viburnum Tinus Lisarose, evergreen shrub with dark green leaves, pink & white flowers in spring
Viburnum Tinus Lisarose, evergreen shrub with dark green leaves, pink & white flowers in spring
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Height Excluding Pot:
70-80cm (2ft 3-2ft 7)

Pot size: 9 Litres
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Viburnum Tinus Lisarose or Laurustinus Lisarose is one of the most popular evergreens. It is a large, dense, compact evergreen shrub with dark green leaves, decorative flower buds, flowers and pretty berries. It boasts year-round visual interest dazzling in any landscape.

Viburnum Tinus Lisarose has ovate dark green leaves that are extremely glossy and stand out in stark contrast against the mahogany shaded stems. During the winter months, this shrub starts to produces a profusion of pink buds that unfurl from December to April to reveal large eye-catching pinkish-white flower clusters. The blossoms are a valuable early food source for bees. Following flowering, attractive dark bluish berries develop.

Height and Spread of the Viburnum Tinus Lisarose 
Laurustinus Lisarose grows to a height of three metres and a spread of 3 metres. 

How Hardy is the Viburnum Tinus Lisarose 
Laurustinus Lisarose is hardy to a UK H4 zone, meaning it is winter hardy down to around -10 degrees celcius. 

How to Use the Viburnum Tinus Lisarose
Plant this evergreen shrub anywhere in the garden that requires wintertime visual interest. It can form an ideal informal hedge

How to Care for the Viburnum Tinus Lisarose
For best growth plant the shrub in sun or light shade. Ideally, it should be planted where there is  some wintertime wind protection. The soil should be well-draining and fertile. Once established, the shrub is extremely winter hardy. 

Laurustinus Lisarose is an ideal shrub to add year round visual interest to your landscape. Its blooms can also be cut to make flower arrangements. In addition to Viburnum Tinus shrubs for hedging we also have standard tree forms such as Viburnum Tinus Lucidum as Standard Trees and Viburnum Tinus Eve Price as half Standard Trees. More information on Viburnum on our blog. 

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