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Azalea Nuccios Wild Cherry

Azalea Nuccios Wild Cherry - produces an abundance of large, dark pink flowers.
Azalea Nuccios Wild Cherry produces abundance of large, dark pink flowers.
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Azalea Nuccio's Wild Cherry

Azalea Nuccio's Wild Cherry is one of the Satsuki Azaleas, much acclaimed in Japan. Evergreen Satsuki azaleas have been extensively cultivated in Japan for hundreds of years. As characteristics, Satsuki Azaleas tend to be later blooming than other evergreen azaleas (usually May to June) and have large single flowers. The plants tend to be compact in shape and can either be low and spreading or more upright.

Azalea Nuccio's Wild Cherry has a nice low growing habit and produces an abundance of large, dark pink flowers. This is a perfect plant for ornamental purposes.

It is good idea to plant Nuccio’s Wild Cherry in mixed borders with other varieties of Azalea. As an evergreen plant Azalea Nuccio’s Wild Cherry provides garden with an interest all year round.

Azaleas prefer acidic, moist, free-draining soil in full sun or partial shade.

These plants have been trimmed regularly and our Azalea Nuccio's Wild Cherry are compact bushy plants with a nice healthy shape. 

Azalea in 3l pot has 35-40cm spread.

Azalea in 7.5l pot has 40-45cm spread.

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