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Azalea Knaphill Nabucco Deciduous Azalea

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Height Excluding Pot: 50-60cm (1ft 7-1ft 11)

Pot size: 4.5 Litres

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Azalea Knaphill Nabucco
Azalea Knaphill Nabucco is a deciduous red-flowering azalea that suits mixed borders and containers. Nabucco is a Knaphill (Exbury) hybrid, perhaps the most flamboyant of all the deciduous azalea hybrids. So named as the original development of these hybrids took place at Knaphill Nursery, Surrey and later at the Rothschilds estate in Exbury.  

Azalea Nabucco’s deciduous foliage is mid-green, oval-shaped, and elongated. It appears in early spring and stays on the shrub until the autumn frosts turn it shades of orange and red. In late May to mid-June, its funnel-shaped bright red flowers bloom in clusters. The flowers are especially colourful ranging from deep orange to red and measuring up to 10 cms. Long delicate stamens reach out from the centre. The flowers don’t fade and they bloom for months covering the plant and attracting pollinators. 
This plant may sometimes be sold as Rhododendron Nabucco due to rhododendrons and azaleas being formally classed together in the one genus to reflect their many common characteristics.

Height And Spread Of Azalea Knaphill Nabucco
Azalea Nabucco is a medium-sized azalea with an upright growth habit. It can reach a maximum height of 1.5 metres and spread across the same. 

How Hardy Is Azalea Knaphill Nabucco
Azalea Nabucco is winter hardy, withstanding UK winters and frosts if the roots are well-drained. It is rarely bothered by pests.

How To Use Azalea Knaphill Nabucco
This red azalea is a showstopper in a mixed border, a Mediterranean garden or a rock garden. They also suit Japanese style spaces and look especially good near water.  This azalea needs acidic soil to thrive so it will happily grow in a large well-watered and well-fed container if you use an ericaceous compost

How To Care For Azalea Knaphill Nabucco
All azaleas need acidic soil otherwise they don’t absorb enough iron and become choleric – this leads to yellowing leaves. Prepare the soil with an acid-based compost such as an ericaceous blend. If your soil is chalky its best to grow Azalea Nabucco in a container with ericaceous compost. Plant Nabucco shallowly, ensuring the stem is not buried, and mulch with acidic compost. 
Azaleas enjoy partial shade in moist, well-drained soil. There’s no need to prune Nabucco, but if you want to restrict its size, cut back branches before the new growth in spring. 

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